When a professional plumber arrives at your property many costs have already been incurred just to get himself and his van there ready and prepared to complete the job. These overheads, as in any business have to be passed on to the customer. The charge for such services cannot be judged only by the time it takes a plumber to make repairs or perform other plumbing jobs. A big part of overhead expenses is attributed to the maintenance and replacement of tools and equipment, advertising, training and vehicles. Office equipment and inventory also must be recovered in the cost of doing business.
These elements combined with insurance, salary (plumbers and office staff) and profit are all used to determine the selling cost of goods and services. When you pay for a plumber you receive the value of his years of experience, skill, training and knowledge.
Sometimes a plumber may do nothing more then look at a job and perform a diagnose. This will still result in a fee because there is still overhead expenses involved in just getting to the job to be able to determine the problem. All things considered the cost for a plumbers time spent solving and fixing a problem in your home is not the only factor in determining the cost.

At Crossgates Leeds plumbers we have fixed hourly rates (please phone or email to enquire) and where possible a fixed price quote is given before any work is done. All work is carried out to very high standards by qualified tradesmen.

We offer discounts to pensioners.

Payment terms are strictly on completion of work by debit card or cash. We are sorry but we are unable to accept cheques.